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RPA & AI Week 2017 - Agenda

Industrialise data-driven RPA for faster decision-making and to discover untapped capabilities!

Download the 2017 Robotic Process Automation & AI Week agenda now to see:

  • The full 3-day summit agenda, along with Interactive Discussion Groups and pre-event Workshops
  • The amazing list of 60+ Leaders, Innovators and Disruptors who will take to the stage
  • The key facts and figures on the most popular RPA summit in the world!
  • The full price lists, along with early bird and group savings! 


2016 Post Show Report

The 2016 Post show report is here with everything you need to know about our 2016 event including: - Audience Profile Overview - Downloadable sessions you may have missed - Excellence Awards recap - Earlybird discount application form for 2017!

Digital Transformation in Insurance

Digital transformation increases the pressure on insurance companies to rethink their traditional structures and further automate their work processes. Swiss Post Solutions relies on Intelligent Automation to support its clients to further exploit their digitization potential in their business models.

One Step Ahead in Digital Transformation

Lukas Hebeisen, Head of Implementation & Digital Transformation at Swiss Post Solutions, outlines the benefits and advantages of digital transformation in document and information management for corporations.

Infographic: An RPA State of Mind

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a hot topic in a myriad of industries. If you are still wondering what RPA is, the benefits of RPA or how to get started on implementing an RPA solution here's a 101 breakdown of RPA. 

The infographic gives a brief overview of the basics of RPA, including:

  • What exactly is Robotic Process Automation
  • Why is RPA useful? Is there more than just cost cutting?
  • Where can RPA be implemented today?

To get your copy of the infographic, fill your information below for instant access! 

Infographic: The RPA Life Cycle

Implementing Robotic Process Automation can provide a host of benefits for firms globally, but how does a business go about forming an RPA solution, and how do you know what to do when you come to a fork in the road?

This infographic covers:

  • The initial stages of planning your RPA strategy
  • Rolling out an RPA piloting scheme
  • Exploring the upscaling of projects, gaining buy-in
  • Furthering your RPA to include AI and Machine Learning

RPA & AI BFSI: Scribed Sessions!

Our sister summit, RPA & AI for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 2017, was packed full of insightful content from an amazing line-up of speakers.

If you didn't manage to attend, there's still a way to see some key highlights. Uniquely, we had the entire summit live scribed (think courtroom artist, but cooler!) and you can get your hands on all 22 panels!

Automation: A Definition Guide

RPA and AI Week 2017 and AboutMatch have teamed up to provide clarity to those new to the automation world. 

We have created a short guide focusing on what we think are the key areas of automation in 2017.

In the guide, we cover:

  • What exactly AI is and how it can change company structures
  • How Robotic Process Automation can help transform businesses
  • What Virtual Agents are and how they differ from chatbots

RPA in Finance Benchmarking Report 2017

With actionable feedback from our industry leaders, influencers and disruptors, we are proud to offer you our complimentary 2017 Benchmarking Report: The future of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.
Key highlights:
  • Find out the current trends & main obstacles to successful RPA implementation and how you can stay ahead of the curve
  • Are you spending enough (or too much) on your RPA? This report gives simple clarity on market spend
  • How AI is making positive business impacts in the banking, insurance and financial services world today
  • Brand new Artificial Intelligence & fintech technologies being evaluated by the best in class brands across the world

Infographic: The RPA State of Play in Finance

Robotic Process Automation is transforming global industries. One of the of the most adept at RPA implementation is the financial sector. This infographic shares some of the key insights from our recent RPA Benchmarking Survey, conducted alongside the PEX network!

The full report is available (in full, for free) in our RPA Content Centre - be sure to get it before it's gone!

A Year in RPA: Analysing the transforming industry

Robotics Process Automation is very fast paced, and it pays to keep up. In as little as 12 months, RPA solutions can transform business processes radically. The process automation industry is set to grow by as much as 60% before 2020, so businesses need to adapt now so they are not left behind by their competitors!

We recently caught up with leading RPA experts to discuss how this exciting area of automation is changing, and what the future holds.

In this whitepaper, three end-users will provide some insight into:

  • How they utilise Robotic Process Automation today
  • What the advantages of RPA in specific cases are
  • How the way they use RPA has adapted over the last year.

Our three expert end-users interviewed are:

  • Martin Ruane, Programme Director at ENGIE
  • Jose Ordinas Lewis, Head Robotic Automation Centre at Swiss Re
  • Kevin Mowles, Head of Business Solutions for Leeds Building Societ

Robotic Process Automation: Why intelligent RPA (iRPA) will revolutionise Shared Services

Download this Whitepaper from one of the sponsors of the RPA and AI Summit 2017, Autologyx, and discover why intelligence RPA will revolutionise Shared Services. Shared Services have been delivering immense benefits in operational efficiency and synergies for well over a decade. But the future has begun to look less certain. Read what Autologyx have to say on this hot topic!


Robotic Process Automation and AI Week 2016 Attendee List

View the full list of the 200+ RPA leaders from 25 countries who attended the 2016 event.